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bookproject is a community created with the intention of exploring the possibility of compiling a nonfiction book, featuring the best of LiveJournal.

Book is tentatively structured around three segments:

Part 1.
Introduction of LJ (history, organization, user demographics, etc.) - a rundown of LJ from the business/physical side of the company.

Part 2.
Interviews of prominent LJ 'personalities' (billiam, amenlover, heman, etc.) as well as founders/moderators of high-traffic communities (debate, sextips, automaticwriter, etc.). Interviews of other interesting/important users (i.e. brad) will also be featured.

Part 3.
Reprints (with permission) of outstanding/moving/entertaining journal entries - highlighting the 'best of LJ' to share with the print world.

Do you know a story that must be told - and ought be be shared with the non-LJ community? If you'd like to participate, offer suggestions, or see one of your entries featured in the Livejournal Book, by all means, join this community and add bookproject to your friends list.

bookproject is moderated by pjammer